Vila Paraiso Anticipates Season Fondues

25 Apr

Vila Paraiso Anticipates Season Fondues

Paradise Village Restaurant in Campinas, anticipates the season fondues

Second edition of the Festival which starts on Thursday 25 will have four flavors: cheese, meat, chocolate and shrimp

Campinas, April 25, 2013 – With the temperatures drop, the Paradise Village Restaurant, District Joaquim Egidio in Campinas (SP), is a good option for those who enjoy the cool evenings with good food and atmosphere surrounded by woods and warm fireplaces and heaters. The house opens on Thursday, the 25th, the 2nd Fondue Festival, which will run until August, from Thursday to Saturday in the evening. This year, guests will find four options from the traditional Swiss dish: meat, cheese, chocolate and shrimp, accompanied by crackers and wafers.

The fondue is Swiss origin and is known by the version made of cheese heated in a réchaud or any other heat source. The version of meat, for example, is ideal for the Brazilians. Already chocolate makes your mouth water for any kind of taste. Already shrimp is a creation of the house, established in 2012 and we had a great success among the public.

Who opt for meat fondues, cheese and chocolate will pay R $ 69.90 (per person) to eat at will. Already flavors shrimp, cheese and chocolate cost £ 79.90.

To leave warmer nights and fondues further attractions, the Paradise Village offers a wine list with over 90 labels from various countries. In addition, the house offers a list of craft beers, conducive to the monitoring of the dish.

The director of restaurant marketing, Fernanda barrier, indicates wines with little tannin to keep cheese version, which has sharp flavor and may inhibit the presence of the drink. For meat fondue is the ideal grape malbec. Already have shrimp harmony with grape tempranillo.

About Paradise Village Restaurant
Located on the main avenue of the district Joaquim Egidio, the Paradise Village was opened there in December The house has four rooms and welcoming (indoor and outdoor), with a capacity to accommodate 320 people. The internal spaces are equipped with fireplaces and heaters for the colder days. The wooden playground is the attraction for children, who can play safely while the lake in the back, the trees and the presence of marmosets complete the charm of the landscape of the restaurant, which also has ample parking.

Children can also have fun with paper mache workshops, offered by the house on Saturdays and Sundays from 13h to 16h30. The fun is open to all children who were in the restaurant accompanied by their parents and costs $ 15.00.

The restaurant is located on Paradise Village Avenue Hector Hairstyle, 1716, in Joaquim Egidio. Reservations by phone (19) 3298-6913. Site:

Hours of Operation:
Thursday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Friday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Saturday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Sunday – Lunch from 11h to 17h

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Discovering Biarritz in France!

5 Apr

Travelling with my French friend Natasha, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a day in Biarritz, a charming resort located about 170km and only 38km from Bordeaux to San Sebastian in Spain.

What draws the most attention in Biarritz and beyond the natural beauty of the rock formations sprouting from the sea, is the beautiful HOTEL DU PALAIS Imperial Resort and Spa Located on the edge of a cliff beach in this hotel is really an invitation for holidays perfect.

We visited at the invitation of and manages commercial director of NE throughout the hotel, a few spaces left me enchanted, the Meeting Room for example has little time for a makeover and it was discovered behind layers of paint “Frescoes of the sixteenth century” , La Rotonde restaurant with its air belle époque and huge windows, overlooks beautiful and tranquil sea and to complete the rest of the hotel has absolute Le Spa with Imperial Guerlain, ie I did not want to go away for nothing!

Visit this link and watch the video of the Hotel Du Palais in 360 ° degrees, absolutely fantastic!

The city is a grace, has a commercial centrinho well as charming the audience in high season goer is high purchasing power, walking through the central streets I came up with a “mini” Gallery Lafayette.

Avulsas 1011editada

View of the sea where we can see the Hotel Du Palais fundo.Em the front of this small square is the Church that I am at Biarritz

where they wished and promised myself to return to this place. So it will be!

Avulsas 1015 editada

Very happy to be in  this place

Avulsas 1021editada

The charming city centrinho, an invitation to a journey of discoveries about how its inhabitants live

Avulsas 1022 editada

In this city street can see the sea in the background, I was a few minutes admiring this side of the trade

Avulsas 1025 editada

View from trade, opposite the sea


Must See in Biarritz

When you visit this little paradise no longer any way of knowing Miremont Biarritz, the house was founded in February 1872 by a young confectioner San Moritz in 1880 and was sold to Mr. Joseph Miremonte. To this day retains the same facade of the time and its decor and architecture is still very date of his inauguration.

The King Edward VII of England resided at the Hotel Du Palais, but the story has always been faithful to candy Miremont.

Revenues from its candy and chocolates are traditional and famous for having conquered the taste of various kings and queens.

Delight yourself also in the dishes served at lunch, harmonizing with a glass of good wine and the famous dessert and sweets and chocolates unmissable Miremont.

Prove that some of assorted caramels to take home, you never forget the taste!

The place is in your room a beautiful lunch overlooking the sea. The dishes are not cheap but worth every euro paid.

Account of Natacha and was on average 80 euros for two with two glasses of wine each.

Avulsas 1017 editada

Maintains the same facade since 1880


Some of divine sweets displayed in the window

Avulsas 1027 editada

View of the staircase leading to the hall on the second floor of the house


Address – 1bis, place Georges Clemenceau



The Best Way to Take Your Visa!

5 Apr

When I needed to get my American visa, had known Nikko Tourism will shortly, but right after the first contacts since I was extremely happy and even surprised with a personalized service, availability and efficiency in all applications from simple to complex national reserve trip in groups or family abroad.

When I asked my visa was very quiet with Nikko, they took it upon themselves to fill in all requested information digitally, slips issued the necessary fees and sent to my email, after fees, made ​​the schedule for my presence (mandatory) in agencies. But the best is the care with personalized guidance that was given to me and given each applicant according to their reality and reason for requesting the visa, they guide the more correct way, including what documents to take with you on the day of the interview. So the chances of all succeed are much greater.

After all just choose the script with Nikko Tourism and bon voyage!!


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Football Club Bar Brahma Curitiba

5 Apr

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Keane in Brazil

3 Apr

Keane in Brazil

Keane the English rock band from the town of Battle, East Sussex,  it is formed by Tim Rice-Oxley, pianist and composer, Tom Chaplin, Richard Hughes and vocalist on drums.

After opening a show a few months  in Brazil, decided to delight their fans back with his full show and launch of their latest hits album Strangeland.
The show rolls today at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo ace 21:30.


I bought mine at Costco Shopping Dom Pedro in Campinas po £ 180.00 (Track)

If you are in São Paulo do not miss!


Check some of these successes!

Football Club Bar Brahma Curitiba

3 Apr

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Fabergé Egg – History and Origin of Russian Fabergé Easter Eggs

29 Mar

Fabergé Egg – History and Origin of Russian Fabergé Easter Eggs

The Passover was a very special date in Tsarist Russia: everyone kissed and said: “Christ is risen”, receiving the reply: “Truly, Christ is risen.” And if presenteavam with eggs, representing the new life arose, the rebirth of hope. Eggs that people exchanged between them were painted.

Have eggs that members of the royal family and nobles of the court gave each other were made of gold, silver, decorated with enamel and precious stones.

In 1884, Czar Alexander III commissioned the official jeweler of the Russian imperial court, Peter Carl Fabergé egg as a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna, containing a surprise, at the discretion of the jeweler. In the case of this first egg, the chicken was a surprise placing a sapphire. Success in court was huge.

Thus began the tradition of Fabergé eggs.

Each year the Czar commissioned a new egg to give Czarina at Easter, leaving the Fabergé prepares him well as he wanted. With the death of the Emperor, his son, Tsar Nicholas II, continued the tradition by ordering the two Fabergé eggs per year, one for his mother and one for his wife, Alexandra.

With diamonds, rubies, platinum, gold and rock crystal. Inside a replica of the carriage that carried the Czarina Alexandra through the streets of Moscow during the festivities of the coronation of Nicholas II.

The Faberge eggs were unique. Some themes celebrating intimate family; honored other notable events of the Russian state. They were equipped with small and delicate mechanisms that showed the secret within. The annual egg was always a great surprise to the imperial family and admired by the entire court, the object of general desire.

Because they are unique and carefully designed, the Faberge eggs have become invaluable pieces. With about 13 cm, each egg took the whole year to be made from the original drawing, cutting, polishing stones and all details involving several masters of Fabergé company. Everything was done in absolute secrecy.

In celebration of the tercentenary of the Romanov government. It has 18 miniature portraits of all members and reigning within it, spinning a globe of gold, with a map showing the Russian borders when the rise of the first Romanov and borders during the reign of Nicholas II.

The eggs were carefully guarded by the Romanov family treasure.

56 masterpieces were produced from 1885 to 1917.

With the Russian Revolution, the Romanov treasure was confiscated by the Bolsheviks and scattered. No one knows the whereabouts of all Faberge eggs made for the imperial family. By 1998, 44 of these were located copies. In 2002, the international news realized that an imperial egg was sold at auction at Christie’s for 9.6 million dollars.

Peter-Carl-Faberge-2 EDITADA

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Peter Carl Fabergé

Source: Wikipedia
Photo: Image Bank

Football Club Bar Brahma Curitiba

27 Mar

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Foie Gras Ravioli in Chicken Broth

26 Mar

Foie Gras Ravioli in Chicken Broth

Foie Gras Ravioli in Chicken Broth

Preparation: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 2-3 minutes


4 people


Sheets ravioli

Foie gras mi-cuit

Green Granny Smith Apples or to find

Brushed Truffles EXTRA and Truffle oil


Chicken broth


Cut thin slices of apples, then using a cookie cutter to make discs of the same size.

Cut the Truffle also regularly pass discs in truffle oil.

Prepare the chicken broth and set aside.

Assembling the ravioli: Square clay for ravioli purchased fresh pasta shops, open to accommodate the clay slice of truffle then join the hard green apple dipped in truffle oil. Grate the nutmeg and then put a piece of foie gras with salt.

In the analysis of ravioli pass a mixture of egg white / water (2/3- 1/3).

Finish putting another clay from ravioli to close, ensure that you pasted, then finish the cut (it may even be a cup of coffee) cut the ravioli round.

Cook the chicken broth or chicken for 2-3 minutes, turning in the middle of cooking.
A big thank you to Gregory, Blog Unomafu for his delicious recipe!

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Academy of Wine from Bordeaux

26 Mar

Academy of Wine from Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, near the Place de la Comédie, is the School of wines from the region, the famous Academy of Bordeaux wines.

The Academy offers courses for all levels and availability.

I suggest to tourists oenophiles workshop with the introduction of 2 hours of Bordeaux wines can be for 1 to 24 participants and is available at any time during the year.

You will learn more about the vineyards of Bordeaux the wine markup, how to taste wine and how to talk about them.
Interesting, I was really passionate about, what I wanted was to spend months or even live in Bordeaux and can absorb everything that this Academy, this city, this region has a wealth of products, culture and information!

Be sure to visit, for an average of 40 euros will taste fantastic wines and learn a lot from this experience!

Check out all the offers by the Academy website:


1, cours du 30 Juillet – 33075 Bordeaux Cedex France

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 Facade of the Academy of Bordeaux wines.


Avulsas 1056editada


Avulsas 1057editada

 Small inner room for tastings and Workshop.


Avulsas 1062editada

 Space for scheduled tastings, can meet friends or business meeting.


Avulsas 1053 editada

Map of Region de Bordeaux highlighting areas of vineyards.

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