Nikko Turismo

With the NIKKO TRAVEL company guarantees its PRESENCE IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. Our portfolio of services for business is complete!

There OVER 20 YEARS in the city of São Paulo, started in 2010 in Indaiatuba, upstate, a trbalho service specializing in international and national CORPORATE TRAVEL.



Pizzalândia is the real world of Pizza! And what is best in your home with all the comfort, safety and welfare of your home. Founded in 2004, Pizzalândia brings you trained and qualified professionals, plus all necessary equipment to turn your home into a true pizzeria, a team that specializes in making the best pizza in your home! It’s delicious!


Le Triskell Bistrô

Le Triskell offers connoisseurs of French cuisine the most diverse aromas and flavors of Europe, in a warm richness that delights in its details. The comfort is present in all aspects, from the decor to the proper care and care in the preparation of dishes, each meal is seen as a celebration of the authentic taste.


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