Your Perfect Choice! Vila Paraíso at Restaurant Week 2013

24 Feb

Last Friday the Vila Paraíso Restaurant, received a select group of press to display the menu that will be part of Restaurant Week 2013.

The location and environment of Paradise Village Restaurant is already an invitation to a relaxing and enjoyable, and the choice of menu is impecáveVisitar Sitel.

Two options for each suggestion:


- Cookie Siri

- Tropical Salad – Mix greens, slivers of mango and coconut

The salad was my choice, fresh, crisp and delicious flavor.

Main Dishes

- Zucchini Lasagna, shimeji, champignon sauce and mozzarella mustard

- Steak sauce tarragon risotto with artichoke

The filet was my choice, was juicy and just right. The sauce with tarragon gave a very special touch and aroma smells every bite.

The risotto was perfeiiiitooo, creamy and with generous chunks of artichoke.


- Traditional Lime Pie

- Coconut ice cream cake on paper embrulhadinho Alumini

The barrier was dear Fernanda who received us, as always lovely and friendly, she has an excellent chefs and their brothers in charge of Paradise Village.

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  1. fernanda 13. Mar, 2013 at %I:%M %p #

    Obrigada pelo carinho Jô!

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