Confeitaria Nacional

7 Dec

Speaking on the famous pies Azeitão, today I was at Centennial Confeitaria National candy store own manufacturing, existing since 1829, in a charming corner of Lisbon very close to the Castelo de São Jorge, this showcase feast your eyes and mouth water, has classic décor and disputed by the Portuguese and tourists well informed.

The National Confectionery was inaugurated in December 1829. Baltazar Rodrigues Chestnut was its founder. A confectioner has remained ahead of the business until his death in 1869. He was succeeded by his youngest son, who had the same name as his father, but was known for Junior Baltazar. During his management, the National Confectioners conquered the palates of Lisbon, hiring bakers in Paris and Madrid, expanding upstairs, where he settled an exquisite hall, divided into offices, as was customary at the time. With his disputed won the prestigious title of “Supplier of the Royal House”, and awards in international exhibitions in Vienna, Philadelphia, Paris and Lisbon. It was the first establishment in Lisbon to have gas lighting and install one of the first phones Lisbon, whose unit still remains in place. At that time, the National Confectioners offered its clients artistic constructions sugar and almonds, eggs and lampreys, to celebrate the achievements of Mouzinho Albuquerque, chocolate cakes that were called “gungunhanas.” Junior Baltazar was introduced in Portugal that the “king cake” after a trip to Paris, from where he brought the recipe. In 1913, a grandson of the founder expanded the property and installed the tea room that still exists today. It was also he who extended the deal of the pastry confectionery, candy starting export to Brazil.

In 1940 the President Óscar Carmona in solemn session awarded him the diploma of Centennial House. Today, 180 years after its founding, the National Confectioners remains in the hands of the same family and keeps unchanged its reputation for Tea House, Pastry and Confectionery. The first floor also serve meals.

A curiosity for me was seeing a whole pie in the window of eggs and garnished with threads of eggs and cherry, sweet bought this once in Sao Paulo in a candy store called The Dog House Portuguese – Miruna Avenue, 442 – Moema Sao Paulo, for the baptized My son John, now aged 16, then never seen, called Lamprey, and has the same cylindrical shape of a fish, but tastes divine, for those who like sweet egg course.

National Confectioners, if you come to Lisbon, do not miss!

Figueira Square 18B 1100-241 Lisbon, Portugal

213 424 470

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    Que delicias….!! =)

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    Lovely just what I was searching for.Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

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