Andarilho Has Vip cabin in Emmerson Nogueira Show

17 Jul

Andarilho Bar and Restaurant will have VIP Box

Emmerson Nogueira on the show, in Paulínea

   One of the most famous houses with live music and the impeccable service of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas, Wanderer Bar and Restaurant will take all his know-how to show the singer Emmerson Nogueira. In partnership with Bacardi, the house will be responsible for the VIP box of the show, which takes place on the 26th of July, from 22h, the playhouse Premium Paulinia. With tickets at £ 120.00, for man and woman, the cabin will entitle Wanderer Stela Artois Beer, Vodka, Big Apple, Water and Soda free throughout the show.

In this show, the singer brings blockbusters bands present in the project since 2001 Acoustic Version as Supertramp (“Breakfast in America” and “Dreamer”), Simon & Garfunkel (“Mrs. Robinson”), Pink Floyd (“Shine on You crazy Diamond “) and Eagles (” Hotel California “). One new feature is the song “Open Your Eyes” the band Snow Patrol, sung by Emmerson Nogueira and his band.

Besides the Wanderer, tickets for the cabin can be purchased at Ticket Website Fast ( or the point of sale contained in facebook ( fref = ts)

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Photo: DJ Carlão

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