Chefs in the Square and 5th Gastronomic Festival in Campinas

2 Jul

Joe & Leo’se Paradise Village will have special dishes

Chefs in the Square and 5th Gastronomic Festival in Campinas

Events begin in the coming 14th and 18 July, respectively

Campinas, July 2, 2013 – Rico for its diversity of styles and flavors, gastronomic sector of Campinas promotes two major events in the month of July. On the 14th anniversary of the city, will be held the first edition of the project Chefs in the Square, with 15 renowned restaurants of the city offering dishes at popular prices. This event marks the official opening of the 5th edition of the Gastronomic Festival of Campinas, organized Bureau of Economic, Social and Tourism, in partnership with the Campinas Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CRC CVB), with the participation of 23 institutions, and happens during the period of July 18 to August 11. Leo & Joe’s Family Restaurant and Paradise Village Restaurant, District Joaquim Egidio, will be present with special dishes for each event.

Chefs in the Square, Joe & Leo’s offer to the public two snack options: its traditional Bravo Burger meat, 150 grams, and the exclusive Cabidela Burger (prepared with chicken, smoked sausage, colorful bell peppers, onion and mix Chili, a recipe for homemade Campinas fill your artisan bread), created especially for the event. The two snacks will be sold at U.S. $ 5.00 per unit.

Already Paradise Village Restaurant will take you to Plaza Carlos Gomes Brazilian adaptation of its traditional Paella: Paella a Hick, who takes chicken, sausage, pork and other ingredients of Brazilian cuisine. Another attraction of the house in the Square will be the Chefs Dadinho tapioca, one of the entries over sold the restaurant. The two plates also cost £ 5.00 each.

Gastronomic Festival

To the Gastronomic Festival, which will take as their motto “Tastes of the World, in honor of the World Cup 2014, the two restaurants have created unique recipes directly linked to several countries. Joe & Leo’s, for example, will pay tribute to Italy, Canada and Brazil through their dishes. As input, the house will offer lunch and dinner throughout the event and a delicious recipe for shrimp breaded and fried with various sauces (R $ 27.90). The main course will be the Canadiens Café – Fetuccine Italian Alfredo sauce base, slivers of salmon marinated and prepared with coffee and brandy, an adaptation that is signed by Fernando Vernier (38,90). To close the menu, the house will offer dessert as the Strawberry Waffle with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream (£ 13.90).

The menu for the Paradise Village Food Festival was produced by the “chef” Ricardo Barreira and pays homage to Brazilian culture. The entry will be a mini pumpkin stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp bobo, browned in the oven (R $ 18.00). For the main course, he created the Fish Yemanja, which takes sole fillet with sauce Iemanja (this name is due to the mixture of spices and ingredients national), accompanied by a polenta tapioca and coconut velouté (R $ 44.80) . Already dessert will be Cocada oven with vanilla ice cream (R $ 18.00)


Both events are shrouded in great expectation by business segment gastronomic. In the case of Chefs in the square is estimated that 3000 from Campinas pass by Carlos Gomes Square between 11am and 16h on Sunday 14. “We are optimistic because it is the first gastronomic event bringing together chefs, restaurants and gastronomy lovers Campinas with product offerings with popular prices,” said Carlos Américo Louredo, Joe & Leo’s Campinas.

Fernanda Barrier, Marketing Manager of the Paradise Village Restaurant also shows optimism for the event, especially for its proposal to be able to show the quality of the dishes of the house to a larger number of consumers. “Low values ​​serve as a decoy to a new consumer audience to be won,” he says.

As for the Gastronomic Festival, the estimated Louredo and Fernanda is for an increase of up to 15% in sales compared to last year

ON JOE & LEO’S Campinas

Joe and Leo loved relatives and friends gather on weekends to serve burgers with cachaça. In 1995, they decided to open the first store in São Conrado Fashion Mall, one of the noblest Malls Rio de Janeiro due to the taste of handmade burgers and success with local advertising.

Then the first franchise opened in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro (Shpopping New York). The unit of Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, was inaugurated in 2002 and, after some changes in 2008, as the restructuring of brand and menu, including several dishes produced by some chefs the restaurant scene in the country, came the Joe & Leo’s Family Restaurant currently known.

With American characteristics and attractive decoration for high sports in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, Joe & Leo’s Park D. Pedro Mall offers a relaxed atmosphere where the care takes shape stripped, with a menu full of handcrafted burgers, as well as linked to various culinary dishes known worldwide. From traditional ribs Australia to Italian pasta, salads undergoing oiled with light spices and home made sauces. Not to mention the desserts prepared with Belgian chocolate and ice cream Brazilians.

The unique and genuine family restaurant attracts customers from Brazil also by promotions at lunch, with the Salad Bar (salads and seasonal fruits always freshly baked) and cold beer happy hour with Baden Baden and Eisenbahn Wanton, plus portions of appetizers specially priced for groups of companies and birthdays.


Located on the main avenue of the district Joaquim Egidio, the Paradise Village was opened ten years ago by Fernando Barreira, who now shares with sons Andrew, Ricardo and Fernanda responsibility of the enterprise situated in a privileged place in nature.

The house has four rooms and welcoming (indoor and outdoor), with a capacity to accommodate 320 people. The internal spaces are equipped with fireplaces for the colder days.

The wooden playground is the attraction for children, who can play safely while the lake in the back, the trees and the presence of marmosets complete the charm of the landscape of the restaurant, which also has ample parking with valet service.

Children can also have fun with paper mache workshops, offered by the house on Saturdays and Sundays from 13h to 16h30. The fun is open to all children who were in the restaurant accompanied by their parents and costs $ 15.00 per child.

The restaurant is located on Paradise Village Avenue Hector Hairstyle, 1716, in Joaquim Egidio. Reservations by phone (19) 3298-6913. Site:

Chefs in the Square event marks anniversary of Campinas

Initiative meet at Praça Carlos Gomes 15 of the most prestigious restaurants in the city that sell food at popular prices

Fifteen of the most prestigious restaurants in Campinas will be meeting on the 14th of July, the city’s anniversary, to attend the event Chefs in the Square, which occupies the Carlos Gomes Square, downtown. Installed in tents distributed around the bandstand, establishments, represented by their cooks, sell dishes specially prepared for the occasion, at popular prices. The initiative will mark the 239 years celebrations of the municipality and will open the 5th Festival Gastronÿmico Campinas, which will run from July 18 to August 11 and will feature 23 homes. The Chefs at the Plaza was designed by journalists Manuel Alves Filho and Ronei Thezolin by advertising and Silvana Pocay. The event is organized by the Secretariat Mun icipal Econÿmico Development, Social and Tourism, in partnership with the Campinas Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB CRC).

The idea of ​​bringing the cuisine of the city from a wider audience was born from a conversation caught on Facebook, as noted by Manuel Alves Filho, who is also a chef. “Some friends and I were discussing about the need to move the scene gastronÿmica Campinas, but in a way that the initiative does not take an elitist character. Then theorize propose something inspired by the Chefs event in the Street, which has been successful and attracted a lot of people in São Paulo. In our case, we conclude that we should change the street across the square as we rescue this form of living space, “he explains.

The selection of the Praça Carlos Gomes to receive the tents, according Ronei Thezolin, occurred naturally. “Besides being one of the most beautiful public spaces in Campinas, the square is symbolic because ‘separates’ the center of the neighborhood Cambui. Our proposal is to overthrow this division symbolically, because we want to attract people from all quarters of the city for the event, “she explains. As Silvana Pocay, the main commitment of the restaurants that will participate in the Chefs Square was to develop high standard dishes that will be sold at prices that range from $ 5, U.S. $ 10 and $ 15.

Among the delights that will be reserved for participants are paella redneck burger and giblets to stay only two examples. “It will be an opportunity for the public to know the quality and diversity of the cuisine of Campinas and celebrate the anniversary of the city during a nice day,” says Alexandra Caprioli, director of municipal tourism.

As Carlos Americo Louredo, director of the CRC Food & VB, the Chefs at the Plaza will also offer a chance for restaurants to advertise their brands and their cuisines for a more extensive range of the population. “In addition, it will serve as a great opening for Gastronÿmico Festival, an event that is already part of the local calendar.” Louredo reports that the tents gastronÿmicas addition, there will be others for the sale of drinks and tickets that will entitle the withdrawal of the dishes. Part of the proceeds from the event will go to the Foundation Eufraten, Campinas, which operates in socio-educational programs for children and adolescents.

vila Festival Editada

Vila Festival


Event: Chefs in the Square

Date: 07/14/2013

Time: 17h 11hàs

Location: Praça Carlos Gomes, center

Admission: Free

Rates: Dishes $ 5, U.S. $ 10 and $ 15



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