May 28, Day Burger

27 May

Tomorrow, the 28th is the Day of the Burger: Restaurants

Campinas offer options for all tastes

Campinas, May 27, 2013 – Next Tuesday 28 is celebrated the Day of the Burger Brazil. While many people look at this dish food with some suspicion, he is a favorite of the public and has the same protein values ​​of traditional dishes like rice and beans, if consumed in the right measure. And the inhabitants of the region of Campinas have good dining options to celebrate the honoree in his day, as Joe & Leo’s Family Restaurant, Park D. Pedro Mall – one of the few hamburguerias oriented preparations of handmade gourmet burgers in the region – and the Wanderer Bar and Restaurant in Cambui.

Joe & Leo’s in Campinas, a network created in Rio de Janeiro 19 years ago and there are 11 in this region, there are eight options available on the menu of original and traditional burgers for adults and children and another 37 in the system of Build-a- Burger, which allows the customer to assemble your own sandwiches the way you like it more. “We brought this American system of preparation exclusively for Campinas, allowing each person to customize your snack in shape and taste that suits you,” explains Carlos Américo Louredo, responsible home.

The system Build-a-Burger, one can choose from the bread with own revenues (traditional sesame bread full and now better known as Australian black bread full – exclusive to Campinas unit), the size of the burger (100g , 150g or 200g), flavor, favorite cheeses, sauces and accompaniments. You can still add one of 12 toppings from home. “These are the true handcrafted burgers, what we call the” homemade burgers, “rescuing the family recipes that existed before the industrialized production of the product,” adds Louredo.

On this special day, the house will bring back, in the form of homage, the renowned The Power, made with 450 grams of beef steak with cheese cheedar, fried bacon and of course lettuce, tomato and onion. It will be sold in the same amount of 200 grams burger, only on May 28.



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