Vila Paraiso Anticipates Season Fondues

25 Apr

Paradise Village Restaurant in Campinas, anticipates the season fondues

Second edition of the Festival which starts on Thursday 25 will have four flavors: cheese, meat, chocolate and shrimp

Campinas, April 25, 2013 – With the temperatures drop, the Paradise Village Restaurant, District Joaquim Egidio in Campinas (SP), is a good option for those who enjoy the cool evenings with good food and atmosphere surrounded by woods and warm fireplaces and heaters. The house opens on Thursday, the 25th, the 2nd Fondue Festival, which will run until August, from Thursday to Saturday in the evening. This year, guests will find four options from the traditional Swiss dish: meat, cheese, chocolate and shrimp, accompanied by crackers and wafers.

The fondue is Swiss origin and is known by the version made of cheese heated in a réchaud or any other heat source. The version of meat, for example, is ideal for the Brazilians. Already chocolate makes your mouth water for any kind of taste. Already shrimp is a creation of the house, established in 2012 and we had a great success among the public.

Who opt for meat fondues, cheese and chocolate will pay R $ 69.90 (per person) to eat at will. Already flavors shrimp, cheese and chocolate cost £ 79.90.

To leave warmer nights and fondues further attractions, the Paradise Village offers a wine list with over 90 labels from various countries. In addition, the house offers a list of craft beers, conducive to the monitoring of the dish.

The director of restaurant marketing, Fernanda barrier, indicates wines with little tannin to keep cheese version, which has sharp flavor and may inhibit the presence of the drink. For meat fondue is the ideal grape malbec. Already have shrimp harmony with grape tempranillo.

About Paradise Village Restaurant
Located on the main avenue of the district Joaquim Egidio, the Paradise Village was opened there in December The house has four rooms and welcoming (indoor and outdoor), with a capacity to accommodate 320 people. The internal spaces are equipped with fireplaces and heaters for the colder days. The wooden playground is the attraction for children, who can play safely while the lake in the back, the trees and the presence of marmosets complete the charm of the landscape of the restaurant, which also has ample parking.

Children can also have fun with paper mache workshops, offered by the house on Saturdays and Sundays from 13h to 16h30. The fun is open to all children who were in the restaurant accompanied by their parents and costs $ 15.00.

The restaurant is located on Paradise Village Avenue Hector Hairstyle, 1716, in Joaquim Egidio. Reservations by phone (19) 3298-6913. Site:

Hours of Operation:
Thursday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Friday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Saturday – Lunch from 11am to 16h / 19h to 0h Dinner
Sunday – Lunch from 11h to 17h

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