Discovering Biarritz in France!

5 Apr

Travelling with my French friend Natasha, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a day in Biarritz, a charming resort located about 170km and only 38km from Bordeaux to San Sebastian in Spain.

What draws the most attention in Biarritz and beyond the natural beauty of the rock formations sprouting from the sea, is the beautiful HOTEL DU PALAIS Imperial Resort and Spa Located on the edge of a cliff beach in this hotel is really an invitation for holidays perfect.

We visited at the invitation of and manages commercial director of NE throughout the hotel, a few spaces left me enchanted, the Meeting Room for example has little time for a makeover and it was discovered behind layers of paint “Frescoes of the sixteenth century” , La Rotonde restaurant with its air belle époque and huge windows, overlooks beautiful and tranquil sea and to complete the rest of the hotel has absolute Le Spa with Imperial Guerlain, ie I did not want to go away for nothing!

Visit this link and watch the video of the Hotel Du Palais in 360 ° degrees, absolutely fantastic!

The city is a grace, has a commercial centrinho well as charming the audience in high season goer is high purchasing power, walking through the central streets I came up with a “mini” Gallery Lafayette.

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View of the sea where we can see the Hotel Du Palais fundo.Em the front of this small square is the Church that I am at Biarritz

where they wished and promised myself to return to this place. So it will be!

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Very happy to be in  this place

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The charming city centrinho, an invitation to a journey of discoveries about how its inhabitants live

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In this city street can see the sea in the background, I was a few minutes admiring this side of the trade

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View from trade, opposite the sea


Must See in Biarritz

When you visit this little paradise no longer any way of knowing Miremont Biarritz, the house was founded in February 1872 by a young confectioner San Moritz in 1880 and was sold to Mr. Joseph Miremonte. To this day retains the same facade of the time and its decor and architecture is still very date of his inauguration.

The King Edward VII of England resided at the Hotel Du Palais, but the story has always been faithful to candy Miremont.

Revenues from its candy and chocolates are traditional and famous for having conquered the taste of various kings and queens.

Delight yourself also in the dishes served at lunch, harmonizing with a glass of good wine and the famous dessert and sweets and chocolates unmissable Miremont.

Prove that some of assorted caramels to take home, you never forget the taste!

The place is in your room a beautiful lunch overlooking the sea. The dishes are not cheap but worth every euro paid.

Account of Natacha and was on average 80 euros for two with two glasses of wine each.

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Maintains the same facade since 1880


Some of divine sweets displayed in the window

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View of the staircase leading to the hall on the second floor of the house


Address – 1bis, place Georges Clemenceau



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