Fly to Dublin in Ireland

5 Feb

Fly to Dublin in Ireland

Flying by Aer Lingus, (available only company in Ireland to Portugal), paid for my ticket 245.00 euros, round, it was not a cheap flight as many as we can get right to advance within Europe.

The outbound flight was great, it was only my bag of hand, which ended up being checked at the door of the plane because it was heavier than the weight of 8lbs permetido, but did not have to pay anything for it. The seats are very comfortable but lip service is paid on average 7.00 euros for a loaf of bread with cheese and a cup of coffee or soda.

If you have bags to dispatch, do it online through the site leaves much cheaper, and careful because depending on the weight of your bag and the amount of luggage you have, there are different levels of payments.

On my flight back to Lisbon had to pay 135.00 euros per 9 kg of excess baggage and still experience early one grumpy clerk at check-in. (Incidentally, it is the tip, if you are female and have the ability to choose your check-in queue look for a desk with a male attendant, usually they are more gentle.)

At the site of Aer Lingus will find camps that offer dial seat in advance, insurance, among other things, not fall for it, everything is charged and unnecessary.

This is not a rule, because some companies charge for check-in counter, this case report – up and make your online site at too.

If your trip to Ireland has already scheduled its output in Brazil, preferably by booking your ticket in Brazil by operator confidence. I recommend Nikko tourism, which can greatly facilitate your trip sending you your boarding ticket by email with all necessary information, to be sure your flight will be much more peaceful and without unpleasant surprises.

Arriving in Dublin, if you are carrying luggage can take bus 16 in front of the airport exit, the ticket costs 3.50 euros and takes place to accommodate your bags. In this course you can stop by the SPIRE, which is one of the drives business cards from Dublin, there you are in the center and can take a taxi to your hotel, which will be much more economical.

Another option that recommend and just discovered on my back is a transfer made by Brazilians, they charge 18.00 euros to get you at the airport and take on any address in Dublin, that price is fixed. They are extremely reliable and you can even schedule the time in Brazil so they will wait at the airport, from the company and flight number.

Who made my back to the airport, it was Alan, a boy who is living in Dublin will be three months and is one of three officials from Major another Brazilian who came to Ireland with his family and set up his own business, which by the way vai well!

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O’Connell Street is the Avenida Paulista in Dublin, but with a style much more Irish.

The leprechaun appears in legends and Irish folklore 

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