Awakening to Relax, Let’s Travel?

24 May

Awakening to Relax, Let’s Travel?

The Blog Awakening the World from Josette Leprevost in partnership with the French operator MAE Prestige from Natacha Nowack is organizing the first group trip that will come out in October (27th) to Paris, Versailles, Biarritz, Bordeaux (France), San Sebastián (Spain ), Porto, Santarém, Lisbon, Faro (Portugal), Faro (Algarve, Portugal), Seville and Madrid (Spain). We invite you to follow the Gupo Kleber Patrick, public relations and business owner KPM & E, Kleber is a great professional, friend and much loved by all who know him well, has already been to Europe before and mastered English fluently, and thus can guide and help in everyday situations.

The focus of the trip is to provide a high-level tour even for those who already know Europe, since everything is being prepared by a French operator-ie, looking from the inside out-with programs that seek to provide an interesting tour , relaxing and allowing the people actually forget everyday life and enjoy the best of the Old World. Anyone interested in joining the group can send message to email or leave your contact this blog in the comments field, we will contact you to pass values ​​and trip details.

Let’s travel?


Eifel Tower



torre_de_belem EDITADA

Belém Tower


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Management and Production Kitchen in Faro in the Algarve

4 Mar

I was at the School of Hospitality and Tourism in the Algarve town of Faro to know a bit of site structure and content offered by them.

Indico without a minor to get the city is in a beautiful coastal region of Portugal, which already is an invitation to live in this place for a few months. Where does the School today is housed in the former convent of San Francisco, the perfect place for your remarkable growth since opening in another seat in 1966, fully prepared and equipped for the various courses offered, has a proposal and a modern body teaching of the highest quality according to information obtained in Lisbon.

If you have the opportunity to experience a few months of this school and this city rich in cuisine, be sure to do it, for sure will be an unforgettable pleasure.

Technological Specialization Courses (LEVEL V)

  • Tourism Management
  • Management and Production Kitchen
  • Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality Management – Lodging
  • Management and Pastry Production

Continuing Education / Professional

  • Sommelier / Sommelier
  • Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Driver of Tourism

The course Management and Production Kitchen charmed me, any chef would love to have formed surely participate in these lessons and experience with the tools to manage your own kitchen.


Course Time: 3 semesters

Credit recognized in higher education (ECTS)

Admission exams

Level V: General Culture and Portuguese, English and Maths + Interview

Registration and Enrollment

Level V: Registration – 25 €

FILE – € 100

Value of Course (course reference Management and Production Kitchen)

Level V: Annual Value – 1,350 € (10% discount)

Pay in installments – 100 € x 15 months

Note: Students with social support are exempt from partial or total payment (Information in the Registry)

More information;

School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve (Faro)

Tel: + 351 289 007 200


Indication of arrival at Faro Marina opposite the beautiful city

Check the calling card of Faro – The intriguing ancient city, still surrounded with much

by walls.

Lecture happening to one of the classes of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Faro

A Typical Alentejo Gastronomy

5 Jan

It was the city of Beja who really knew the typical Alentejo gastronomy, the city does not really won me over, because I had just gotten out of Évora with a very interesting cultural richness and natural beauty.

I was only one day in Beja, but very worth the penalty by Taberna Typical Alentejo Pipa, the friendly owner Jorge Maldonado and his dear wife Campião Saudade, who received me with great willingly, Pipa has an unmistakable aroma of fine cuisine and a impeccable service.

Your environment refers taverns, with bottles and agricultural tools in its decor, it felt cozy and with great desire to sit at the table.

At the suggestion of George, that dinner was served to me Açorda traditional cod is a fish broth with extra virgin olive oil, bread very, very cilantro and a poached egg in broth on top, comes apart to put cod. I found it very tasty, and the cold nights, is a perfect dish.

Talking with Saudade, also owner of the house, I was convinced that he could not leave without experiencing the Alentejo plate of Migas with pennyroyal Plumas Pork, so I went back to the house for lunch the next day.

What a delicious dish!! The Migas are also made based breads, Saudade explained that farmers who formerly took care of the plantations were very poor and so it was all done with a lot of flour, consequently, the bread became the basis of fast food and cheap.

The Pipa is in Mint Street, 8 in Beja – Alentejo / Telephone 284 327 043

Pipa Restaurant is also on Facebook

Cozy environment inside the alentejo

Delicious Migas of pennyroyal with Feathers Pork

Açorda of Cod, to warm and feed on winter nights

European hypermarkets

5 Jan

The European Hypermarkets are true Disney gastronomy, as I love, I could spend several hours with tranquility within them.

Whenever I travel, I feel the same dilemma, I take everything, every spice, every cheese, finally all that wonder, but that in Brazil we do not have that variety and quality for this price?

The reality is that we do not have, then it is best not to go crazy with so many good things and just enjoy it while you can.

But it allowed a basic comprinha before returning to Brazil, just beware of liquids and large heavy packages, but the excess baggage that will pay will be bleak, but run the risk of opening a product in your bag, so pack well with plastic wrap and on clothing.

I decided to take some pictures to show curiosity, or simply images that fascinate me in some way.

Octopus Whole

Whole piglet

Brie Cheese President of size like a Pizza for  unbelievable 28.00 euros

Unmissable in Évora, wine and finger food

4 Jan

Speaking a little enogastronomy or simply charming places, I selected a few tips that are truly unmissable.

Alentejo Wine Route: 65 Wineries that you can choose to know the barrels of the House Vineyards, Desgustar wines and eat lunch. Among them are the main winery José de Sousa wines José Maria da Fonseca –, Estate of the Spur –, Cellar Charterhouse Foundation Eugenio de Almeida wines Pera Manca –

Almost all wineries require that scheduled visit, so set it up, visit the sites and schedule your visit.

If you are interested in other wineries go to the tourist support, which is in the center right in front of the square Giraldo, the attendant there can give you a list of all wineries available for visitation, or access


Patéis Cod with White Wine Glass House, almost opposite the Church of Bones is a very simple restaurant that has no name on the door, got in late, so I decided to just eat some cookies, and not a full breakfast. It could not have been a happier choice, never in my life eaten or believe eat codfish balls so wonderful, sequinhos, perfect as these, just remember to write and I’m already salivating!

Be sure to try these pastels Cod with wine for only 5.50 euros.

Typical Restaurant Alentejo in Evora, the Medieval through sympathetic management Pedro Brito, has a very tasty food and a tiny, cozy environment with maximum capacity of 44 people, not only opens at Mondays.

Not very cheap, with the house wine 1/2 jar spend on average 25 euros, but the dish is served very well and can be divided.

The Medieval is on Raymond Street, 47 – Giraldo down the plaza.

Condestável Café Bistro, I had the enormous good fortune to choose a hotel close to the square of the Diana Giraldo, a seventeenth-century hotel, which was renovated but the structure remained nothing expensive and very comfortable. But the best part was that right across the street is the Constable, a charming bistro coffee, pastries, croissants, coffees and lunches delicious and very affordable, but the best is the atmosphere and clientele, well attended by young intellectuals tourists and curious to know what is happening there.

Had lunch there one day and it really surprised me, was very tasty, nothing too elaborate, but the flavor was crisp Comidinha well done.

Pasta with salmon and capers takes to prepare, fresh, homemade tomato sauce, cream, smoked salmon, lemon, capers and fresh onion.

Go check it out, if only for a coffee, Rua Diogo Cao, 3

Pastelaria Conventual Pão de Rala, sweetmeat O’concur of all that was in Portugal, Ercília, a very talented lady and does not want in any way be called a lady or Dona Ercília, knows very well what he wants, says clearly not need to shoot my husband did not, here it is my only employee!

This Doceria or pastry as call in Portugal has the most candy Conventual Portugal, these candies were made by monks and nuns in convents for the Portuguese reign. Where the basis of many eggs, walnuts, chestnuts and other delicacies are prepared and irresistible.

The name of Pastry is the name of a candy Conventual most famous Pao de Évora Rala.

I tried a piece and ended up buying a whole to take this to Lourdes Olas where I spent my Christmas Eve, she had told me it was his favorite candy.

The bread is made with eggs Rala and gila in your stuffing, a type of squash, but the Portuguese say it really is not equal.

The Fidalgo, another sweet Conventual impressed me, the beauty, and delight your recipe ingredients, nothing less than 180 eggs are used to make a pie Fidalgo.

Do not go away without Evora just pass in Pastry Bread Rala, she is in Cicioso Street, 47 / phone – 266 707 778

Fidalgo, takes 180 eggs in their preparation

Bread Rala 3.00 euros a share – Traditional Sweet Évora

The friendly owner of Ercilia Pastry Bread Rala

Évora Jewel in the Alentejo

4 Jan

Évora Jewel in the Alentejo

Roman walled medieval city of this jewel of the seventeenth century, was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

To reach Evora from Lisbon, we have two possibilities, we can go by train or with Network Express. Train is more expensive and has less time available.

There are two train stations (trains) that has outputs for Evora, one of them is the East Station, it comes up the red metro line going towards the airport.

The other is the station Sete Rios, closer Restauradores Avenue, central London, to arrive at this station take the metro blue line towards east and get off at Amadora (stop) or the Zoo station.

I particularly given preference for station Sete Rios, because there also go beyond the Train Bus (bus), there is possible from the vehicle before leaving.

I paid for the bus ticket value of 12.50 euros and was a very pleasant trip, the bus is very comfortable and steady view of the vineyards and olive groves is unique.

The best in Évora is undoubtedly going to walk knowing its museums and temples, the Church of St. Francis of the fifteenth century, the Bones Chapel built with remains of about 5,000 monks, The Cathedral, Cathedral-like fortress located in Largo Marques de Marialva, the door carved figures of the apostles.

Particularly I was delighted to Evora, I had the great pleasure of meeting the project director Ana Cristina Baptist Foundation Eugenio de Almeida, wines Pera Manca and Charterhouse, very friendly Ana did a tour with me the wonderful cultural heritage Foundation’s Palace of the Inquisition, Fresh from the “Painted Houses” and Páteo of St. Michael and invited me to attend along with the directors and the beautiful traditional Christmas Concert Evora with direction and Maestro Paul Lawrence Symphony Orchestra of Lisbon.

Chapel of Bones

Christmas Concert in the Cathedral

Sintra – Portugal

4 Jan

Sintra – Portugal

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1995, Sintra attracts many tourists because of its beautiful hills and winding roads.

Kings Sintra Portugal elected as the site for their family vacation and so built the Sintra National Palace.

To get to Sintra is very easy via Lisbon, in Avenida dos Restorers find out where is the Starbucks, incidentally the most beautiful I’ve seen in Europe so far, has a gallery next door, up the escalators and went out in front of train station that leads to Sintra trains leave at any moment, can not go wrong, all coming out of there will take Sintra, you can use the same card that uses living green for the feet, your trip will cost you 3.80 euros. The trip takes about 30 or 40 minutes, reaching Sintra station, which is very small, just outside the points are buses that take you to Castles are many options, depending on the time available to make your visits composition, Park Pena Palace and the nineteenth century (must), Moorish Castle of the eighth century, Regaleira Estate, naming a new Portuguese friend and his girlfriend Anna, also a World Heritage by UNESCO, has a magical atmosphere of its gardens and its scenic poetic architecture, reveal themselves caves, stone sculptures, tunnels and mazes, it’s really a place where you lose the whole day.

The bus that takes you to all the castles costs 5.00 euros you can climb up and down it once again, so keep your receipt.

For the Castelo da Pena pays 11.00 euros to enter and 2.00 to climb up to the castle on another tram.

Reserve some time to walk through the historic center and NOT forget to try the very traditional pillow Sintra hot as my Portuguese friend says, would be like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!

Get used to in Portugal every city has some wonderful typical sweet!

View Arrival Monorail to the Pena Palace

Side view of the Pena Palace

Queen’s Bedroom at the Palace of Pena

Traditional and sensational Pillows Sintra

True Portuguese Christmas

4 Jan

True Portuguese Christmas

I was privileged to be invited to write the family Christmas table Portuguese Lourdes and Naldo,

How wonderful!!

Lagareiro cod, octopus in olive oil, beans, whole roast piglet, Tender, Peru, and desserts, French toast, Kings Cake, Bread Rala direct Évora, Rice Pudding, Marzipan sweets.

And the wines, fine wine took a perfect matching green with Cod and the Octopus.

What a beautiful family, thank immensely the invitation, and will be forever in my memory!

The photos are better than any testimony, this gastronomic orgy Portuguese unforgettable.

Christmas in Lisbon

23 Dec

Friends, partners and followers Blog Awakening the World, wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year of much prosperity and success for all of us!

May the spirit of Christmas bring peace.

Christmas joy you hope.

And the warmth of Christmas grant love.

I appreciate the trust and credibility of this work so much love.

Christmas Decoration  -  Restauradores Avenue in Lisbon – Portugal

Garbags 100% Recycle

21 Dec

When I drove out of the Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon, I spotted a stand with bags, nécessaires, agendas with unusual covers, among other products, just caught my attention by being colorful and different from anything I had ever seen. I approached and started talking to a girl named Tanya, a sympathetic person, after I learned that she is the creator of this daring project and of such importance to our planet.

Read about these products:

Garbags 100% recycled.

In a world where it seems that everything has already been invented, Garbags believes that inspiration can come from achieving balance between quality, ecology and design. A premium collection is the result of three years of development research, experimentation and intense technique. However, more than that, is the result of taking a different perspective of the world and all objects around us, a look full of creativity and ecological respect for nature. As a package of coffee can become a sturdy hand bag, a tube of toothpaste can become a mechanical pencil or a cord may even become a fine paste. Organic? How about a bag made of orange peel?

This is the Garbags world where anything is possible.

It all started with the coffee … consumption first, then the realization that the packaging used for food products was not only attractive to look at but also very durable. Garbags products are made from materials that were originally used to store coffee, pet food, milk, juice and chips! The bags are made of packaging intended to support 25 kg of product so that they are strong! The same properties that made them useful packages in its first use, it will also make them strong and durable enough to be turned into fashion items. The recycling aspect is fundamental, but the products are also durable, charming, functional and above all fun! All packages are collected locally in Lisbon. Each product is individually cut and handmade in Portugal.

Check the website:


Tel: 351 21 240 84 42

Address: Rua do Salvador, 56

1100-466 Lisboa – Portugal

When I look at the achievements Garbags in recent years and see the volume of recycled waste have converted into usable products, it is impossible not to reflect on our individual responsibilities for the preservation of the environment. If only one we each do our part …

Tania Anselmo

CEO of Garbags

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