Smeterling, Delights of Buenos Aires!

18 Feb

Smeterling, Delights of Buenos Aires!

Hard to describe the flavor and charm of this pastisserie. The store is a dream, you can see the whole production and can still meet the owner who is one of the most famous chefs in the capital Buenos Aires.

I’m not a big fan of sweets, but it was impossible to experience one. The Tarta de Manzanas with touch of orange was remarkable and unforgettable, candies with chocolate and dulce de leche are leaving everyone in a state of grace.

You need to go more than once!

Uruguay 1308

Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Text and photo: Ana Paula Santos

Argentina – Buenos Aires

10 Nov

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Visit Argentina is dazzled with a contrasting geography: the high mountains of the Andes cordillera, the exuberant subtropical forest, with towering waterfalls of Iguaçu, ponds, rivers and plains with characteristic of Mesopotamia; chanuras and the huge plateaus, the deserts of northwestern highlands colors, the majestic glaciers, lakes and forests of Patagonia; spectacular beaches on the Atlantic; wineries and vineyards which produce excellent wines for export, the Sierras of Cordoba or Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia and with Lighthouse end of the World as the anteroom to the vast and enigmatic Antarctic territory. With numerous national and provincial parks that protect the species of flora and fauna, such as the southern right whale, the penguin magallánicos and dolphins. It is a land that preserves its rich indigenous culture: Mapuche, tehuelches, ones, guaranies, matacos, Toba, with a strong presence in some regions, the land of the gauchos, the estancias and the Pampas region with their horizons longincuos; tango musica popular symbol of Buenos Aires suburbs. A country in which diversity is reflected in the activities, a constant invitation to: relax in hot springs and spa, gastronomic tours and international menu with typical tours by modern shopping mall or beasts of handicrafts, tourism ventures in unexplored territories. Golf in perfect fields, fishing in all its varieties; excellent ski in ski resorts, tourism and other paleontological and archaeological plethora of options that tourists can discover the moment you step this territory so generously inexhaustible.

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